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Yet Another Scheme Tutorial

This is a gentle and step by step Scheme tutorial for beginners. The expected readers are PC users with little programming experience.

Try this tutorial if you have not been satisfied with other tutorials. There are many ways to explain abstracted subjects like programming language Scheme and the best way for a reader is strongly depend on his/her ability and background. (There is no absolute best way for everyone.) This is the reason that I have written another Scheme tutorial though there are many already.

The goal of this tutorial is to provide enough knowledge and ability on Scheme programming language to read SICP, which is one of the best text book on computer science. The book uses Scheme to explain subjects.


  1. Installing MIT-Scheme
  2. Using Scheme as a Calculator
  3. Making Lists
  4. Defining Functions
  5. Branching
  6. Local Variables
  7. Looping
  8. Higher Order Functions
  9. Input/Output
  10. Assignment
  11. Character, String
  12. Symbol
  13. Association List and Hash table
  14. Vector and Structure
  15. Defining Syntaxes
  16. Continuation
  17. Lazy Evaluation
  18. Nondeterminism